jon going for a nude selfie for their dating web sites

jon going for a nude selfie for their dating web sites

jon may be the last sibling that is remaining his family members. His o brother that is ldest, Scott, passed on from leukemia when he was at their first 12 months of university. Jon’s sister that is oldest, Joan Robin Hur Roberts, passed on in 2006 at age 58 from cancer tumors and Lupus. jon’s other cousin, Jamie Hur Loiacono, passed on in 1995 from cancer of the breast. Their dad, died on April 2, 1996. Their mother died May 14, 2014.

jon has two son’s, the past to carry regarding the Hur name. jon has also a minumum of one daughter and grandchildren that are several.

jon had endless affairs during their 18 12 months marriage to their first spouse, Kim. That is an insight that is little the true jon d. Hur.


Susan & jon

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Celebrating a fresh 12 months with Susan while his spouse and household had been in the home

They meet at a singles team at church

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( while he ended up being hitched)


jon hitched Kimberly in Williamsburg, Virginia on 3, 1995 january

jon and Kim had two young match vs eharmony ones in their 18 12 months marriage (21 years together).

jon had at the least 4 affairs that Kim heard bout, and many other “relationships” through the entire wedding.

Kim had asked for the divorce proceedings 4 times. In 2007, she had had enough. jon thought it absolutely was a tale. He attempted to simply take Kim off to supper many times, saying, he “had to keep in touch with in regards to the young ones”. He produced trick of himself playing the piano and performing to her during dinner.

He purchased her a “day during the spa”, and told the cashier after she got her “head right” that she would come running back to him.

Throughout the six 12 months breakup, Kim learned that jon had changed the spelling of his name from “John” to full cover up a daughter from a youthful relationship. jon ended up being 20 plus in university as he had sex by having a 15 12 months girl that is old got her pregnant. Kim unearthed that he additionally had a minumum of one grandchild and therefore he NEVER paid his court ordered son or daughter help for their daughter. NOT JUST ONE DIME-EVER!!

Hur v. DEPT. OF SOCIAL SERVICES, 409 S.E.2d 454 (Va. Ct. App. 1991)

Court of Appeals of Virginia

Filed: September 10th, 1991

Precedential Reputation: Precedential

Citations: 409 S.E.2d 454

Docket Quantity: Record No. 0282-90-4

409 S.E.2d 454 (1991)

John D. HUR, v. VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SOLUTIONS UNIT OF CHILD ENFORCEMENT that is SUPPORT rel. Michelle KLOPP, and Sharon K. Klopp, an infant, by her Guardian advertisement Litem.

Record No. 0282-90-4.

Court of Appeals of Virginia.

10, 1991 september.

jon had a few affairs with multiple females in the same time. He’d “date” anyone- quick, high, fat, thin, rich, bad. Nevertheless the the one that had the essential cash and paid for the majority of their divorce proceedings (over $40,000+), would become their next spouse- Michelle. Kim’s son was at Boy Scouts with Michelle’s son at Troop 32 in Keller, Texas. That’s where jon and Michelle first came across. An affair was had by them for decades! Michelle even divorced her spouse become with jon. jon had plenty other women, but don’t desire to lose their wife and household. Kim currently knew about Michelle, Susan, Brenda, Vickie, Veronica, Linda, and many other. Whenever Michelle discovered jon was still seeing Susan, she had been furious! Michelle had been spending money on jon’s divorce proceedings!! Michelle accused jon of getting an affair on her. WOW!! how do a married man have an event on their mistress?

jon asked their step-son’s to look at his children so he could “work” regarding the week-end. He had beenn’t working, he left their laptop and materials in the home and invested the week-end together with his mistress’.

jon told Kim which he would, “NEVER PERMIT YOU TO GET YOURSELF A DIVORCE”. But after six years, she finally did! Even during the divorce or separation hearing, jon asked Kim to reconcile the wedding. He reported he nevertheless liked her and wanted her together with children right straight back- if Kim will say the whole divorce proceedings had been her fault and she ended up being the main one having affairs.

jon was involved lower than 24 hours following the divorce proceedings ended up being finalized. He previously their engagement party at their soon-to-be step daughters senior school graduation celebration significantly less than 48 hours later. As a whole bad taste, he asked each of their sons to stay their wedding that has been just months following the divorce or separation, asking one of his true sons to end up being the man that is best. Both men refused and nobody from jon’s region of the grouped household went to their wedding to their mistress.

On the six divorce, jon tried to control and terrorize both Kim and his kids year. A court purchase was at place, but jon quit their work making over $200,000 per 12 months and took work as being a pool cleaner making $8.00 each hour. He stopped paying term life insurance, cellular phone bills, canceled medical insurance on their action children (even he attacked both his kids and Kim on several occasions and the both the police and CPS were involved though he had a family policy), canceled auto insurance, wouldn’t pay utilities, and refused to purchase food- all court ordered. The kids school, Cross Timbers Church, friends, and family members all called both law enforcement and CPS.

jon would receive as much as $10,000 per from his mom, but he never would pay bills month. He used that cash to buy 3 cars that are new the divorce proceedings (from the court purchase) and fund their life style. Kim would discover the tags of jon’s jeans after he’d been shopping, only to get he invested $800 on a single couple of jeans. He drove to Dallas to obtain their haircut and invested $100 for a mens haircut. Kim experienced the regular bills and unearthed that he had invested over $3,000 in a single thirty days on eating out along with his mistress’. jon convinced other people he didn’t have money that is enough spend month-to-month son or daughter help along with his divorce proceedings attorney compensated son or daughter support twice (thanks Michelle!), and their employer, Dave Butler of Butler’s Pool Service, paid 30 days for him.

jon fought for custody of his guys, but had been rejected. He fought for extra visitation, but he never ever saw them as he had been expected to anyhow. Jon hasn’t seen one of is own young ones since March, 2014. He’s gotn’t heard of other one since 2015.

jon has not compensated court ordered medical bills since 2016. For many years he had been behind on their kid support.

Jon’s mom, Margaret “Peggy” Hur, died on May 14, 2014. For this time, jon has never told their children that their Grandma she is dead. In that way he could well keep their inheritance for himself. Jon inherited huge amount of money from their daddy’s’ fortune.

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